Establishing Sungei Palas: A Brew of Tea Culture and Legacy

Perched high up on a ridge and well defined by the undulating contours of its lush green terrain, the Cameron Highlands has inspired and captivated the imaginations of its visitors from the very beginning. When British explorer and geologist Sir William Cameron first spied these heights in 1885, the landscape was presumably undeveloped. Still, the […]

Tips for A Successful Ramadhan

The holy month of Ramadhan will soon begin with it taking place on 13th April in Malaysia (some countries will start on 12th April) and will last for one month. It is a very important date in the Muslim calendar as devout Muslims will practice fasting between dawn and dusk, without taking in any food […]

Thank you for making BOH a Putra Brand Awards Winner

BOH is proud to be the bronze recipient for the Putra Brand Awards in the non-alcoholic beverage category. The Putra Brand Awards is a recognised award ceremony in Malaysia that recognizes a brand-building between a brand and its consumers. The winners are determined by consumers votes and BOH is proud to be in the hearts […]