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Tea Maker’s Note

Welcome to the wonderful world of authentic Malaysian tea. It is a real honour for me to welcome you to the BOH website, freshly brewed just for you.

BOH is a tea business that has been warming the hearts of Malaysians for 90 years; nurtured by generations of tea experts and devoted to producing teas of exceptional quality, character, aroma and freshness. We are proudly Malaysian, honoured to be a part of the nation’s rich history and cultural diversity.

With our unique positioning as an exquisite tea maker within Asia, BOH aspires to achieve more than just creating great tea, but to also enable great tea experiences while helping customers achieve a fresh perspective. As consumption habits change and modern taste buds become more sophisticated, BOH is well positioned to meet the highest standards possible and adapt to serve tea lovers the world over. Our collections are a testament to the dedication of all those who make up the BOH family and to the fine art of tea making.

As a business, we strive to make a positive impact through more than just our products. We continually look for ways to give back to the communities in which we operate, and ensure a sustainable future for all. You’ll find some of our community activities within the site so please do have a browse.

I hope you enjoy our website and getting to know what makes us distinctly BOH. Do be social and connect with us on Facebook and Instagram; or even better, drop by for a cup of tea in person, and experience the beautiful estate of Cameron Highlands that we at BOH call home. We look forward to welcoming you.

Warmest Regards,

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Behind BOH

Home of BOH Title
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We serve exceptional Malaysian tea. We are proudly BOH.

BOH has been a leading tea producer in Malaysia since 1929. One of the few fully-integrated tea companies in the world, BOH grows, processes, packs and markets its own brand of authentic, home-grown, Malaysian teas.

As a longstanding market leader in the region, consumption of BOH teas is ingrained in community life and we continue to maintain our position at the top by staying abreast of evolving consumer needs, aspirations, lifestyles and adapting our collections to suit. It’s a new era for BOH as we extend our reach in delivering distinctive teas to both domestic and international tea lovers through our website. We export our premium teas to various countries including the USA, Denmark, Germany, South Korea,Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and Brunei so our consumers overseas get the opportunity to revel in a truly Malaysian tea experience.

BOH invests in the research and development of its harvesting process to improve yields and quality, whilst constantly discovering new streams of innovation. As a household brand, we are an active member of the community, supporting the local performing arts scene as well as species and environmental conservation. We are very proud that BOH is recognised as an award-winning company, receiving many accolades for high standards in product quality, esteemed brand identity and community initiatives.

Everything we do revolves around our passion for creating well-loved teas! Today, BOH is proud to be amongst some of the finest tea specialists in the world, mastering the art of tea, from tea bush to teacup. We are constantly committed to producing distinctive teas that are flavourful and brisk, with lots of colour and body as testament to the great legacy left by our pioneering founder, J.A. Russell, for generations to come.

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