The 4 Senses of Tea

Tea, is an experience. Being the second most consumed beverage in the world and in so many shapes and forms, we often forget that appreciating a good cup of tea is almost like and art form.

Appreciating Single Origin Teas

A study in 2020 by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found a connection between healthy habits and life expectancy.

Tea Terminologies to Know

1. Round:Good combination of colour, strength and briskness.   2. Coppery:A desirable infusion which resembles copper (in terms of colour.)   3. Clean:To describe leaf which has no stalk/fiber.   4. Leafy:When the leaf is larger or longer than required for that particular grade.   5. Tip:The tip is a processed tea bud. It is […]

Growing Distinctive BOH Teas

BOH Teas have a distinctive flavour. Our teas can be drank plain or with milk and sugar as the robustness and freshness of our teas bring out wonderful flavours.

Tantalising Foods To Serve With Your Tea

Much like wine pairing, mastering the art of pairing tea with food can truly enhance your meal. Knowing how to season the right dishes can turn a regular dinner into an amazing culinary experience. You don’t need to be a tea connoisseur to tell the difference. Your taste buds will let you know. The reason […]

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