High Tea Dining with a View

A trip to Cameron Highlands has to include a visit to our Sungei Palas Tea Garden where you can enjoy a delicious cup of home brewed BOH Tea. The gorgeous panoramic views of lush tea gardens are a mesmeric sight.


Now, you can uplift your experience with High Tea Dining at our Exclusive Tea Lounge. Traditionally, high tea is served on high back dining chairs but at BOH’s Exclusive Tea Lounge, it is a one-of-a-kind experience up in the ‘high’ lands.

The Exclusive Tea Lounge is part of the latest expansion of the BOH Tea Centre and is a private dining area where guests can enjoy heavenly pastries such as scones and cakes with a selection of BOH’s finest Garden Teas. Capable of accommodating anywhere from two to 24 people, guests can choose to book the lounge room or include up to two adjoining private rooms to accommodate your requirements.

The Ummph! factor of the Exclusive Tea Lounge is the spellbinding view that captivates guests whilst sipping on a hot cup of tea. The vantage point from this room offers a completely different perspective from that at J.A.’s Balcony and Tristan’s Terrace. Nearly the entire BOH Tea Garden can be captured in one view and the wood frames facing the tea garden makes it feel as if you are looking are a beautiful oil painting. It is a sight one has to experience first hand in order to fully appreciate its charm.

For more information on the Sungei Palas Tea Garden, check it out here.

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High Tea Dining Set
(serves 2 pax)


  • A selection of BOH’s Garden Teas for 2
  • 2x Scones
  • 2x Strawberry Cheesecakes
  • 5x Macarons
  • 2x Croissant sandwiches (butter and/or tuna)

RM94.55 per set


  • Above rental rates are for up to 2 hours use. Subsequent hours are charged at RM50.00 per hour.
  • Advanced booking is recommended
  • Images shown are for illustration purposes only
  • The total payable cost of the High Tea Dining experience is the High Tea Set + Room Package.
  • E.g. An experience for 2 people comprising 1x High Tea Set + 2 hour Lounge Room Rental
    = RM94.55 + RM200.00 + 6% SST = RM312.22

To make your reservations, please contact:

Mr Tanakumara

En Muhammad Farid

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