Stay Healthy With BOH IMMUNI-TEA


BOH IMMUNI-TEA with Wellmune is crafted to give you an authentic tasting BOH Milk Tea with the added benefits of Wellmune.

Specially designed to protect the human immune system, BOH IMMUNI-TEA is the first instant milk tea in Malaysia enriched with Wellmune, a leading natural beta glucan clinically proven to help strengthen the immune system.

Beta glucan from yeast may help to support immune system associated with cold 1

Malaysian Ministry of Health
Not only enriched with Wellmune, BOH IMMUNI-TEA is reinforced with Inulin, a prebiotic dietary fiber which strengthens gut health. Good gut health improves the immune system to ward off harmful bacteria and viruses found in the intestinal tract.

Inulin helps increase intestinal bifidobacteria and helps maintain a good intestinal environment & Inulin is bifidogenic 1

Malaysian Ministry of Health

Moreover, BOH IMMUNI-TEA is a wholesome beverage that has that authentic BOH milk tea taste with a ZERO trans fat formulation and uses Stevia as a sugar substitute, making it easy on the sweetness.  

It’s impossible to make good quality tea out of a poor quality leaf. However, the method of processing, skill and care employed in the factory contribute greatly. The basic process from start to finish usually takes two days to complete, but before the dried tea is packed and dispatched for sale, it needs to be matured for a short period.

Enriched with Wellmune

Wellmune® is a leading natural yeast beta glucan clinically proven to help strengthen your immune system. Added to everyday foods, beverages and supplements, Wellmune allows you to be well and stay well. A natural, safe and clinically proven food source, Wellmune can be taken daily by children, adults as well as the elderly.

How Wellmune Works

BOH IMMUNI-TEA primes your body’s immune system for daily protection

One of our body’s main contributors to a healthy immune system is our gut, which comprises various components including the stomach, liver, spleen, small intestine and large intestine. Studies have shown that a healthy and well-balanced microbiota environment in the gut impacts our body’s immune system to fight off diseases2. As inulin is a prebiotic dietary fiber, helps promote the development of beneficial bacteria to maintain a balanced and healthy gut environment3,4.

In addition, BOH IMMUNI-TEA is packed with a host of health benefits which can maintain your body’s immune system effectiveness


A prebiotic that improves gut health and helps control blood sugar

0% Trans fat formulation

Does not fluctuate LDL (low-density lipoprotein) levels that can lead to negative health effects

Made with Milk Solids

A healthier alternative to non-dairy creamer but still delivers an authentic milk tea taste

Go Less Sweet with Stevia

Stevia is a natural plant base sugar substitute that is healthier but does not compromise on the taste

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