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Malaysia is one of the most vibrant and alluring parts of S.E.Asia. It is well-known for its fascinating fusion of Malay, Chinese, Indian and indigenous cultures all living in harmony, courtesy of a shared trading history and rich heritage. This diversity translates into an amazing culinary experience for anyone lucky enough to visit. Malaysia is also famous for its splendid beaches, tropical rainforests and of course the lush landscapes of Cameron Highlands, the home of BOH and where 70% of all tea in Malaysia is produced.

Planting Perfection

For decades, Cameron Highlands has attracted visitors to its cool jungles, quaint Tudor-style houses, fresh vegetables and fragrant teas. Cameron Highlands is one of the country’s most fertile agricultural spots, possessing all the right attributes for growing outstanding tea, and is situated over 5,000 feet above sea level on the main mountain range of Malaysia. The true character of BOH tea is greatly influenced by the conditions at the tea estates; namely high altitude, low temperatures, abundant rainfall and acidic soil. With amazing landscapes and stunning panoramic views, the plantations are truly picturesque.

Sungei Palas Tea Garden

The Sungei Palas Tea Garden greets visitors with a panoramic sights of undulating tea fields that stretch out for acres. The café, which is comprised of J.A.’s Balcony and Tristan’s Terrace, offers spectacular viewpoints for visitors to indulge in while sipping on a cup of tea. In fact, the iconic 20-foot overarching balcony facing the backdrop of the tea garden, is a must-see view for travellers to Cameron Highlands.


Adding to the holistic tea experience is the tea factory tour that showcases how BOH crafts our finest teas. Visitors can also explore the exhibition area which showcases BOH’s history as well as the art of perfecting tea. You can also drop by the tea shop to take back BOH’s teas that are made for tea lovers to enjoy, wherever they are.

BOH Tea Garden

Spanning over 465 hectares, the BOH Tea Garden in Habu is the largest and oldest of BOH’s tea gardens. It is also home to BOH’s first tea factory which was built in the 1930’s and is now a facility that educates visitors how BOH makes our best teas.


The BOH Tea Garden is not only known for its storied history but also the shear size of the tea garden is a remarkable sight. The near 2-kilometre journey from the entrance of the tea garden to the tea centre is filled with a variety scenic spots that grab one’s immediate attention. Whether it’s the local flora or the panoramic vantage point overlooking the garden, this quaint location is a hidden gem tucked within the forests of Cameron Highlands.

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