Given the nature of our business and products, we have made it a primary focus to support environmental and animal conservation. This commitment has allowed us to closely collaborate with several environmental NGOs and advocates such as the Tropical Rainforest Conservation and Research Centre (TRCRC), Global Environment Centre (GEC), WWF-Malaysia and Malaysia Nature Society (MNS). Our sustainability initiatives serve to encourage the public to increase conservation efforts within their own communities.

BOH And Tropical Rainforest Conservation And Research Centre (TRCRC)

BOH 90th Birthday Fun Run

In conjunction with our 90th Birthday Fun Run, all the registration fees from the 5km fun run were channelled to TRCRC. The total sum of RM38,000 will be used to grow and develop conservation initiatives in Cameron Highlands to support long-term forest preservation, restoration and biodiversity. Read the full article below:

BOH And TRCRC Join Hands To Cameron Highland’s Forests

Both parties will be working together on long-term forest restoration and preservation efforts. Part of the collaboration will cover forest restoration at TRCRC’s Tropical Living Collection (TRLC) Banun in Perak where BOH will sponsor 200 trees to be planted there to support ongoing conservation programmes to restore key forest corridors within the Central Forest Spine.

BOH And Global Environment Centre (GEC)

In 2018, the continuous efforts by BOH and GEC to rehabilitate the Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve (KLNFR) saw more than 200 volunteers from the local community band together to plant 1 hectare of Tenggek Burung (Melicope lunu-ankenda), the pioneer species of trees in KLNFR in a plot of land previously razed by forest fires. The volunteers also learnt about the importance of the KLNFR’s delicate peatland forest ecosystem and its link to issues such as climate change.

Fire Prevention

BOH has been in collaboration with GEC to support educational initiatives for the Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve (KLNFR) conservation programme since 2015. The community-based fire prevention project was conducted to reduce the risk of forest fires and preserve the peat swamp forest of KLNFR.

BOH Eco Trail

The BOH Eco Trail was held in 2016 at its lowland estate in Banting, in support of GEC. The conservation programme intended to create awareness on the importance of peatland conservation for the survival of our ecosystem. All proceeds were used to fund educational activities under the Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve.

BOH And Malaysian Nature Society (MNS)

BOH Highlands Run

The inaugural BOH Highland Run was held in 2014 at the Sungei Palas Tea Garden in Cameron Highlands. The run was in support of MNS and proceeds were channelled to fund an environmental conservation project involving 27 schools in Cameron Highlands.

Environmental Education

BOH also provides facility support for a Study Centre run by the MNS on the BOH Estate. The centre aims to promote conservation efforts to the public through environmental education.

BOH And WWF-Malaysia

Habitat Restoration Project (Habitat)

BOH worked with WWF on the Habitat Restoration Project (Habitat) with the objective of helping to rehabilitate the forest for the orangutans in the Supu Forest reserve, Bilit and river reserves along the Kinabatangan, Sabah. This initiative was done through planting seedlings, expanding the existing nursery, cleaning and weeding so that young trees can achieve their intended height.

Orangutan Conservation Project

We developed a limited edition package of our famous household brand—BOH Tea, that served as a premium giveaway for those who wished to participate in the project which sought to protect and highlight the plight of the orangutan to the public.

Tea For Trees

ea for Trees, a public programme from 2008 to 2010 to actively encourage the public to participate in conservation efforts through a simple act of symbolically adopting a tree for a small fee. Guests got to exchange this fee for BOH tea products and merchandise all while helping to support restoration efforts in Kinabatangan, Sabah. All funds were channeled to WWF-Malaysia for the Habitat Reforestation Project on orangutan conservation.

The New Hope For Orangutan School Programme

An educational youth programme on conservation developed to engage with the torch bearers of tomorrow. BOH sought to empower youths with profound knowledge on issues grappling the orangutan, while nurturing a sense of responsibility in them to save this iconic species from disappearing from our earth entirely.

BOH Forest Friends School Programme

BOH and WWF-Malaysia launched the BOH Forest Friends School Programme to continue efforts to educate youth on the importance of environmental conservation. The programme sought to educate students on the importance of our forests and the issues of deforestation in Malaysia. The programme also had a competition component that encouraged students to produce a short educational video centred on the functions of trees in the ecosystem, or the economic, social and cultural benefits of forests. The programme was supported by the Ministry of Education and the Department of Environment.

The Eco-Schools Programme

Another youth focused initiative organised by WWF-Malaysia and supported by BOH Plantations Sdn Bhd (BOH), was designed to support participating schools by implementing a school-wide approach towards sustainability and environmental conservation for students and the public. Through the BOH seed grant, Eco-Schools also embarked on various eco-projects to carry this educational message nationwide. In addition to this, BOH also sponsored the annual international Eco-Schools conference. The Eco-Schools Programme was implemented in over 50 countries and over 40,000 schools across the globe.
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