Passion for Tea​

Tea is not just a delicious drink. It has a long-storied history dating back thousands of years. Not only that but there are plenty of fun facts we can learn about tea as well as some of its health benefits. Have a read at some of the article below to find out some cool things about tea!

BOH, Your Ramadan Companion

The holy month of Ramadan is here again and it's time to reflect on the past year, rejuvenate your spirits, and embrace the serenity it ...

BOH Tea Tips for Brewing Your Best Cup

Nearly 80 years on, some of us still wonder how to brew the perfect cup, as tea has become an intricate part of our daily ...

Tea Essentials to Have in Your Cabinet

Whether you're a seasoned tea enthusiast or just beginning your tea journey, consider stocking your cupboard with these essential teas for a flavourful and fulfilling ...

What is the Difference between green tea and black tea?

Learn the difference between these two exquisite teas!

Budding Sustainability Journey

BOH’s goal is to become a sustainable tea producer.

The 4 Senses of Tea

Tea, is an experience. Being the second most consumed beverage in the world and in so many shapes and forms, we often forget that appreciating ...

Appreciating Single Origin Teas

A study in 2020 by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found a connection between healthy habits and life expectancy.

Green Tea and Longevity

Green Tea is regarded as one of the healthiest beverages in the world.

Tea Terminologies to Know

1. Round:Good combination of colour, strength and briskness.   2. Coppery:A desirable infusion which resembles copper (in terms of colour.)   3. Clean:To describe leaf ...

Growing Distinctive BOH Teas

BOH Teas have a distinctive flavour. Our teas can be drank plain or with milk and sugar as the robustness and freshness of our teas ...

Implementing Sustainable Packaging Changes

As part of our commitment to sustainable business practices, BOH has made eco-friendly changes to our packaging.

New Look Herb And Fruit Infusion Range

Take a peek at the gorgeous new look of our Herb & Fruit Teas!

Tantalising Foods To Serve With Your Tea

Much like wine pairing, mastering the art of pairing tea with food can truly enhance your meal. Knowing how to season the right dishes can ...

Why Drinking Green Tea Could Be Good For Your Health

Despite the uncertainties the world is facing due to the coronavirus, tea consumption and production is expected to rise over the next few years based ...

10 Tidbits About Teas

The wonderful world of tea is steeped with tradition and culture. There are so many historical facts and amusing tales, leaving us so much to ...

An Essential Guide To Tea And Health

An Essential Guide To Tea And Health Ever since Chinese folklore told tales of leaves from an overhanging Camellia Sinensis plant that fell into Emperor ...
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