Implementing Sustainable Packaging Changes

As a tea producer, we owe our livelihood to the fertile soil, cool climate and balanced weather of Cameron Highlands. Sustainability is a core value of our business and we have been researching what are the best practices BOH can adopt to be more eco-friendly and reduce wastage. One way is through the materials we use to pack our teas.

In the coming months, BOH will gradually introduce a new packaging style for 17 of our teas. We will be uplifting our BOH Cameronian Gold Blend, Seri Songket, Herb & Fruit Infusions, English Breakfast, Earl Grey and Sencha Green Tea boxes to a tear box structure accompanied with recyclable sachets.

Our Chairman Caroline Russell shared “We decided to change to this new tear box styling as it eliminates the need of plastic shrink wrap, thus reducing plastic use. At the same time, we have changed the sachet material for these 17 teas which can now be easily recycled.”

Caroline continued, “At beginning of 2020 we changed our packet tea range to fully recyclable packaging material. which are now recyclable. Now, 17 of our popular tea selections will also be packed in more eco-friendly boxes and sachets. As a responsible tea producer who owes so much to mother nature, it was only natural that we adopt sustainable approaches for our business.”

About the New Tear Box

The new tear box material used for these 17 teas come from paper mills that procure wood from forests that are responsibly managed. This falls in line with BOH’s core values which focuses on sustainability and respect for both men and nature.

The new tear box will be completely sealed, with no visible opening until the seal is opened. This allows BOH to eliminate the need for plastic shrink wraps for all 17 teas, thus making it more environmentally friendly.

Moving into Recyclable Sachets

In tandem with the changes we are implementing with the new tear box, we have also changed the materials used for the sachets packed in these boxes to recyclable sachets. These sachets are made using only one material, Polypropylene (PP) which is recyclable under classification Code No. 5. 

This packaging material was also used for BOH’s loose packet teas and we are continuing to explore changes to our Packaging to reduce our environmental footprint.

Continuing to Focus on Sustainable Changes

Caroline shared, “We are advocates of going green and sustainable business practices. As Malaysia’s largest tea producer, we are well aware that if we do not implement environmentally friendly packaging for our teas, once they are discarded, our packaging will become a pollutant to our environment.”

She continued, “We are committed to converting all our packaging to eco-friendly material but rest assured we shall not compromise on the quality of the teas that you enjoy.”

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