As a company we recognise the integral role the environment plays in the future sustainability of our business. BOH attributes 90 years of successful production of great tea to the healthy soil and ideal climate of Cameron Highlands. Thus, we are committed to the conservation of flora and fauna as part of our corporate philosophy, as a way of giving back and ensuring generations to come are able to enjoy our teas, as well as the environment in which they’re produced.


Through our unique partnerships with local and regional organizations, we aim to improve community engagement and drive social responsibility via our sustainability initiatives, in line with our Company’s mission. These initiatives are our way of giving back to nature for the bounty that BOH has been blessed with, whilst leaving a proud legacy for generations to come.

Our initiatives revolve around two pillars:


Given the nature of our business and products, we have made it a primary focus to support environmental and animal conservation. This commitment has allowed us to closely collaborate with several environmental NGOs and advocates such as the Tropical Rainforest Conservation and Research Centre (TRCRC), Global Environment Centre (GEC), WWF-Malaysia and Malaysia Nature Society (MNS). Our sustainability initiatives serve to encourage the public to increase conservation efforts within their own communities.

People / Communitea

BOH has been at the heart of communities in Malaysia for decades. As we strive to satisfy the palates of our customers with our beloved teas, it is this satisfaction, along with that of our employees that drives us forward. We actively invest in programs and initiatives, with both our public and private partners, to collaborate on specific issues supporting communities in which we serve. We support employees through a range of incentive and reward schemes, and endeavour to make BOH a wonderful and safe place to work.

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