Budding Sustainability Journey

BOH’s goal is to become a sustainable tea producer. A key area of focus is our packaging and we have begun to adopt more eco-friendly packaging as well as reduce wastage.

Tear Box structure for 17 tea boxes

The tear box is completely sealed, with no visible opening until the seal is opened. This allows BOH to eliminate the need for plastic shrink wraps for 17 of our teas, thus making it more environmentally friendly.

Additionally, the paper for the tear boxes is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, meaning the paper comes from paper mills that procure wood from forests that are responsibly managed. This falls in line with BOH’s core values which focuses on sustainability and respect for both people and nature.

Recyclable Materials for Fast Moving Teas – Pouches and Sachets

  • Our fast-moving teas were top priority to adopt recyclable material as they can lead to wastage if not disposed off correctly. Fortunately, we have successfully made the change over for most of these teas.
  • Fast moving teas such as the Cameron Highlands Tea Leaves and Potbags are now using recyclable pouches that still provide good protection to the teas inside them.
  • Additionally, our sealed sachets which are used to protect teabags are all recyclable and we hope to encourage tea drinkers to recycle their sachets.
  • All the BOH Instant Tea Mixes such as the popular Teh Tarik Kurang Manis Original, Green Tea Latte as well as the whole instant tea range, have all been successfully changed to recyclable pouch material.
  • The final piece of the puzzle we are working to finish is to convert the BOH Instant Tea Mix stick packs to a sustainable material structure.

Reusable Tin Packaging for Premium Tea Range

  • The BOH Pyramid Tea range which comprise the Garden Teas, Herb & Fruit Spa Teas and Botanical Beverages are BOH’s premium teas which use the best teas from our gardens and some of the finest ingredients available for aromatic, flavourful and distinctive teas.
  • These teas are packaged in delightfully crafted tin canisters which are both reusable and recyclable.
  • The design of the tea canisters makes them popular gift items which you can reuse as containers or decorations for your homes.

Going biodegradable for our tea’s filter paper

  • Probably the most important component after our tea is the filter paper (more commonly known as the tea bag). Filter papers have to allow the tea infusion process to occur efficiently whilst at the same time, the material needs to be structurally sound to not dissolve in the water.
  • For BOH, we have 3 variations of filter papers for our teabags, potbags and pyramid bags which are all biodegradable.
  • Both our teabags and potbag filter papers are made using plant fibres and wood pulp which has the benefit of being compostable. Being compostable, the filter paper which will decompose after 24 months in soil.
  • Our pyramid tea range use pyramid bags with biodegradable filter paper that is derived from corn starch. These pyramid bags have acquired the “GreenPla” Mark which is a registered trademark of the Japan Bioplastics Association (JBPA), which does study, research and development to promote commercialization of plastics which are made from non-petroleum resources, and are biodegraded.

Getting the Message Out

  • We utilise our packaging as a medium for communicating our sustainability message to consumers. We created a logo in English and Bahasa Malaysia with a descriptor of which part of our packaging is environmental friendly.
  • Our aim is to place this device on all of our packaging and part of our awareness plan.
The BOH Mesra Alam (Environment Friendly) Logo will be printed on BOH products with an indication on what elements of our product is recyclable or biodegradable.

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