New Look Herb And Fruit Infusion Range

BOH’s Herb and Fruit Infusions have a refreshed look. Since they were first launched in the 1990s the Herb and Fruit Infusions are a refreshing alternative to traditional teas. Unlike scented teas, they are made using pure herbs and plants which lend revitalising properties, an alleviating aroma and soothing flavour.

The updated design comprises Camomile, Peppermint, Lemon Myrtle Jasmine Green Tea and Strawberry Raspberry. The refreshed packing for the boxes and sachets better accentuate the ingredients and flavours of each tea. Also, the bright colours and elements make the herb and fruit infusions even more tantalizing to drink and each tea has a mood indicator to help buyers decide which tea is right for them.

The new look Herb and Fruits Infusions are packed in eco-friendly packaging as the tear boxes are sealed without the need for plastic shrink wrap and the sachets are recyclable.

Which Herb and Fruit Tea is right for you?

Calming – Camomile

Made from fresh Camomile flowers, finely cut to release their apple-sweet perfume, this infusion makes a quieting balm to both ease the body and sooth the mind. 

Reviving - Peppermint​

A cooling flavour that makes a wonderful elixir to clear the mind and refresh the spirit, especially after a heavy meal.

Revitalising – Lemon Myrtle

With the citrus flavour of lemongrass and lime, a cup of Lemon Myrtle leaves you cool and invigorated. 

Rejuvenating – Jasmine Green Tea

The mellow flavour of green tea combined with the gentle fragrance of Jasmine flowers make a cleansing and refreshing brew that can be enjoyed any time of the day. 

Uplifting – Strawberry Raspberry

Only available in our Sungei Palas Tea Garden, the fragrance of the summer berries enlivens the BOH Strawberry Raspberry with a character that is both sparkling and sweet for a cherry and refreshing infusion

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You may also be interested in: Tips for Brewing Your Best Cup

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