Why Drinking Green Tea Could Be Good For Your Health

Despite the uncertainties the world is facing due to the coronavirus, tea consumption and production is expected to rise over the next few years based on statistics shared by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. In fact, our own founder J.A. Russell decided to start planting tea in Cameron Highlands because he noticed that tea was an in-demand commodity despite the world going through a recession due to the Great Depression in the 1930s.

The green tea market is expected to grow as more people are becoming more health conscious. Green tea (and tea in general) fits the bill quite well as over the years numerous studies have shown a number of potential health benefits.

Green Tea Is High In Catechins That Can Help Fight Of Viruses

Catechin is a natural phenol and antioxidant that can be found in large quantities in green tea. Recent studies have showed that tea catechin is effective as an antiviral agent as it helps to inhibit and suppress influenza viruses to a certain degree1,2. Certain epidemiological studies have also suggested that regular consumption of green tea can help to protect against influenza or common cold symptoms and lower infection rates3,4. So, if you have or think you are coming down with the sniffles, green tea is a good drink to have.

Strengthening The Immune System

Our immune system is basically our bodies security system. Its job is to catch the bad guys (viruses, infections, etc) before they can cause any harm to our body. We have to make sure we keep our body at its best condition to fight off any diseases that try to infect us. Green tea is a good tonic as studies have shown that the epigallocatechin Admin dares you to say this five times fast (EGG) and theanine has immune enhancing properties 3,4.

Mental Health Benefits

The world is starting to pay attention to mental health. Very often we only look at the physical side of health but not the psychological. With more studies and improved awareness, mental health is getting the attention it needs. Stress is a key factor for a person’s mental health and more efforts are being taken to address this issue. Drinking green tea can help in managing stress as the Theanine that is found in green tea can help to suppress stress and acts as relaxing agent5,6. Regular consumption of green tea, especially for those who are in stress inducing environments can help to better manage your stress levels. However, and more importantly, we should always treat our body and mind with care and learn to take it easy once it awhile. You deserve a break.

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