Tea Terminologies to Know

1. Round:
Good combination of colour, strength and briskness.
2. Coppery:
A desirable infusion which resembles copper (in terms of colour.)
3. Clean:
To describe leaf which has no stalk/fiber.
4. Leafy:
When the leaf is larger or longer than required for that particular grade.
5. Tip:
The tip is a processed tea bud. It is highly desirable in orthodox made teas. A sign of good leaf plucking standards and careful manufacture.
6. Body:
A tea with good body refers to the liquor with good colour and strength/thickness.

7. Bright:
A lively/glowing appearance of the liquor. Highly desirable and a good indication of a good tasting liquor.

8. Astringent:
A liquor which is bitter on the pallet.
9. Plain:
The tea taste is lacking briskness.

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