High Tea For Mom and Dad

With Parents Day coming up on 25th July, why not treat the parents to something unconventional? With most of our time being spent at home, how about a high tea session with delicious sweet and savoury treats paired with a flavourful cup of tea. A high tea session can be lavish or it can charmingly simple, what is most important is the company you are with. Here as some tips to prepare for a high tea session for Parents’ Day.

Picking the Right Tea

There is a tea for every occasion and selecting a tea for your parents can be quite fun. Traditionally black tea is served during high tea (but you can use any type of tea you like). It is a good idea to brew a tea that can be drank plain and another which goes well with milk and sugar. For example, the BOH Palas Supreme is a whole leaf tea from our Garden Tea selection. It has a delicate scent and wonderful taste which is brought out by its amber coloured liquor. If you prefer something that goes well with milk and sugar, a more robust tea with a strong flavour would be the ideal choice, like BOH Potbags. Once you add milk and sugar the robust flavour turns into a sweet and tantalising cuppa you can’t put down

Selection your Savoury and Sweet

With a heart-warming cup of tea, it has to be paired with something sweet or savoury for high tea. The options are endless and you can fit in all your favourites; Cakes, sandwiches, pies and pastries are the norm for a high tea party but you can always jazz it up with some local delicacies. Make it even more special by making these treats yourself. Hmmm… scones…

Time to bring out the Fine China

An aspect of a high tea session which does not involve drinks and treats is the set up. You can always keep it simple but since it’s Parents’ Day, why not have a bit of fun? You can send your parents invitations (even if you stay in the same home), decorate the house thematically for the evening and dust off the fine china or porcelain tea set and plates to serve. The extra effort will be a welcome to your parents and makes the evening a grander event.

Keep the Electronics Away and Connect

Children and parents alike are guilty of spending too much time on their electronics, especially since most of us use technology as our main form of communication and entertainment during the pandemic. For one evening, set a no electronics rule, meaning no phones, tv or any distractions. Just have fun talking with one another. The quality time spent will surely bring all of you closer.

Happy Parents' Day from Us at BOH!

If you are in the mood for some tea check out some of our selection below, or click here to explore our wider selection of teas:

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