10 Things We Miss About Cameron Highlands

With the relaxing of COVID-19 restrictions and businesses opening their doors, it is an ideal time to take a look at The 10 things we miss about Cameron Highlands.

  1. Visiting the BOH Tea Centres
  • The BOH Sungei Palas Tea Centre and BOH Tea Centre are iconic locations in Cameron Highlands. The beautiful backdrop of tea fields and welcoming visitor centres are a must visit for tourists, shutterbugs and tea drinkers around the world.
  1. The cool weather
  • Cameron Highlands is 5,000ft feet above sea level, making it one of the tallest locations in Malaysia. This elevation blesses the land with cool weather throughout the year that is chilly yet refreshing to your senses.
  1. Fresh Produce
  • As Cameron Highlands has a cool climate and fertile soil, some of the best produce in Malaysia come from this region. Visitors often take to opportunity to stock up on fresh produce at the local markets before the journey home.
  1. Tea and Scones
  • Scones are synonymous with Cameron Highlands as it is one of the most popular quick breads to have with tea. There are many fan-favourite locations to enjoy tea and scones such as the cafes in the BOH Tea Centres. Do snap your foodie photos and tag us at #BOHTea on Facebook and Instagram. We encourage you find as many spots as you can!
  1. Steamboat
  • When the temperature gets really low in Cameron Highlands, it is the perfect excuse to have steamboat. Steamboat is another popular dish whereby you boil your meats and vegetables in soup and serve after a few minutes. Most steamboat restaurants offer 2 choices of soups per meal so that you can give your palate a fun sensorial experience with delicious meats and fresh vegetables.
  1. Destination Away from the City
  • Cameron Highlands is a perfect retreat from daily city life. The greenery, relaxing atmosphere and friendly locals make it an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and ideal for a short break.
  1. The Mesmerising Ride Up
  • The journey up to Cameron Highlands once you reach the starting points in Tanah Rata (coming from the South) or Simpang Pulai (coming from North) is mesmerising. You gradually feel the air getting colder and the view outside your window gradually changes from towns to green mountains in the distance. The windy roads up feel as if you are being taken to a lush garden high above the clouds.
  1. Strawberry Picking
  • A fun family activity to do is strawberry picking in one of the many strawberry farms. You get to choose your own strawberries and it is a great memory to take home.
  1. The colonial architectures
  • Cameron Highlands was once home to British nationals during the late 1800s and early to mid-1900s. As such many of the homes have a colonial design reminiscent of homes in the old English provinces. A treat to the eyes if you enjoy seeing colonial architecture and find the best spots for some Insta-worthy photos.
  1. The history
  • Since it was first discovered by William Cameron in 1885, Cameron Highlands has built up a rich history that is full of wonder, mystery and lore. From being the home of the world’s largest flower to the home of a British spy who inspired 007, there are endless amounts of tales hiding on this beautiful hilltop.

The BOH Sungei Palas Tea Centre and BOH Tea Centre in Cameron Highlands are both back to normal operating hours, from Tuesdays – Sundays, 8.30am to 4.30pm. Both tea centres will have government mandated guidelines in place and we encourage visitors to read-up the latest SOPs before they make the journey. We look forward to serving you again.

If you are in the mood for some tea check out some of our selection below, or click here to explore our wider selection of teas:

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