BOH Wishes You a Blessed Aidiladha

Aidiladha is never complete without the warmth of togetherness and the comfort of a delicious cup of tea. This year, let BOH make your celebrations even more special:

No Fatigue or Preparation Effort: Enjoy your time with loved ones without the hassle of preparing beverages. We provide everything you need for a delightful tea experience.

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BOH Tea for the Perfect Celebration: Elevate your festive moments with a cup of our finest BOH tea. The perfect addition to your celebrations, adding warmth and flavour to every moment.

To order, simply browse our website, add your teas to the cart and checkout. Let BOH be part of your Hari Raya Haji celebrations, bringing ease, delicious tea, and joy to your table.

Wishing you a blessed Aidiladha! May this celebration be filled with divine blessings. Sincere greetings from BOH.

If you are in the mood for some tea check out some of our selection below, or click here to explore our wider selection of teas:

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