Celebrating World Happiness Day with a Cup of Tea

World Happiness Day, celebrated globally on March 20th, offers a unique opportunity to reflect on what brings joy and well-being to our lives.

Historically, various cultures have turned to simple pleasures to find tranquillity and happiness. Among these, the ritual of tea drinking stands out as a universal symbol of peace, mindfulness, and social connection.

In the spirit of World Happiness Day, let’s explore how the simple act of enjoying a cup of tea can enhance our sense of joy:

Cultural Connection and Mindfulness:

Engage in the diverse traditions of tea ceremonies. From enjoying Teh Tarik at the mamak with close friends and family to the British afternoon tea, each ritual is a testament to the cultural significance of tea in promoting togetherness and mindfulness.

A Cup of Wellness:

Tea is more than just a beverage; it’s a cup of wellness. BOH offers a variety of blends, from calming chamomile to invigorating green tea. Find a blend that uplifts your spirit here: BOH’s Green Tea Selection

Sharing Happiness:​

World Happiness Day is an excellent occasion to share a pot of tea with loved ones. Whether it’s a virtual tea party with friends or a quiet cup with family, sharing tea can create moments of happiness and strengthen bonds.

Educational and Tasting Events:

Immerse yourself in the aromatic world of teas by attending tea tasting events or educational workshops at local tea houses or cultural centers. Such gatherings are not merely about savoring a variety of teas; they serve as a portal to understanding the profound history of tea and its significant role in fostering happiness and wellness within communities. For an authentic experience, consider visiting the BOH Sungei Palas Tea Garden.

Here, you are invited to partake in complimentary factory tours that unveil the journey of tea from leaf to cup. Additionally, you can indulge in an array of new blends, each promising to be a delight to the senses and a step towards well-being.

World Happiness Day is not just about the grand gestures of joy but also about cherishing the small, everyday moments that bring us peace and contentment. A cup of tea, with its soothing warmth and rich history, is a testament to the simple pleasures that make life joyful.

If you are in the mood for some tea check out some of our selection below, or click here to explore our wider selection of teas:

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