History of Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands, a picturesque hill station nestled in the state of Pahang, Malaysia, has a storied history intertwined with its lush landscapes, colonial past, and iconic tea plantations such as BOH Tea. Lets take a trip down memory lane and discover how Cameron Highlands came to be.

1. Cameron Highlands Discovery and Early Settlement:

    • In 1885, British colonial government surveyor William Cameron stumbled upon the breathtaking beauty of Cameron Highlands during a mapping expedition. He was mesmerised by the beautiful landscape and cool climate but did not stay to establish a presence.

2. It’s Colonial Development:

  • It was not until the 1920s that the British colonial administration recognized the potential of Cameron Highlands. The region’s cool climate and fertile land made it ideal for agriculture.  The area was developed as a hill station and agricultural hub, envisioning it as an escape from the stifling heat of the lowlands.

3. The Establishment of BOH Tea:

  • One of the most significant developments in Cameron Highlands was the establishment of tea plantations, including the BOH Tea Estate. In 1929, J.A. Russell, set up the BOH Tea Estate, and it soon become the one of the highlight destinations of Cameron Highlands and a household name in Malaysia for its exceptional teas.
  • BOH’s plantations were spectacular sights to behold with its emerald-green tea bushes stretching across the hilly slopes that capture the beauty and fertility of Cameron Highlands.

4. Tourist Attraction:

  • As the tea industry flourished, Cameron Highlands evolved into a sought-after tourist destination. Visitors were drawn to the beautiful tea plantations, the serene landscapes, and the refreshing climate. The BOH Tea Centres became one of the region’s key attractions, offering  factory tours, picturesque viewscapes at their two tea centres in Sungei Palas and Habu and cafes for visitors to savour freshly brewed tea.

5. The Current Cameron Highlands

  • Today, Cameron Highlands consists of a series of little towns that include Ringlet, Tanah Rata, Brinchang, Tringkap, Kuala Terla, and Kampung Raja. With a total population is approximately 30,000, the majority of whom are employed in agriculture and the leisure industry.
  • More than 1 million tourists visited Cameron Highlands in 2022 and that number is expected to grow in 2023 with many visiting the region to bask in the cool climate, leisure activities and tea gardens.

6. Agricultural Prosperity:

  • Besides tea, the cool climate and fertile soil of Cameron Highlands made it a hub for agricultural activities. Farmers cultivated a variety of crops, including vegetables, strawberries, and flowers.

7. Sustainability Efforts:

  • Efforts have been made by BOH and other parties who call Cameron Highlands home, to address environmental issues in the region. With the help of organizations and government bodies promoting sustainable and responsible land management the goal is to balance agricultural activities with environmental conservation.

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