International Tea Day 2022

International Tea Day will be on the 21st of May and it is an important day for every tea producer. Despite being a relatively new celebration, International Tea Day commemorates significant progress the tea industry has made.

International Tea Day was first celebrated in 2005




The 1st International Tea Day was held in New Delhi, India in 2005 and was gradually adopted in various tea growing countries around the world. Later in 2015, the Indian government proposed to expand the observance of International Tea Day via the Food and Agriculture (FOA) Intergovernmental Group of Tea and finally in 2019, the United Nation’s General Assembly designated 21st May as International Tea Day.

International Tea Day celebrates the history and impact of tea



The history of tea dates back 5,000 years in China and has roots in many countries. The significance of tea as a cultural and economic force cannot be ignored. As the most popular beverage after water, the growing, processing and consumption of tea is a tremendous source of income for many countries. Additionally, tea is used in various cultures around the world for significant events, ranging for simple meet-ups to weddings and global functions.

BOH started producing tea in Malaysia in 1929 and we have grown to become Malaysia’s largest tea producer, making approximately 5.5 million cups a day. With nearly 100 years operating in Malaysia, BOH has grown to be a part of Malaysia’s tea drinking culture, as generations have continued to enjoy their cups of BOH tea.

Our tea gardens In the Cameron Highlands are also one of the most popular tourists’ attractions in the region as many local and foreign tourists visit our tea gardens to bask in the beautiful scenery and enjoy a cup of fresh tea in our Sungei Palas and BOH Tea Centres.

The significance of International Tea Day 2022




According to the FAO, the purpose of International Tea Day is to “promote the sustainable production, consumption and trade of tea, and offers an opportunity for actors at global, regional and national levels to ensure that the tea sector continues to play a role in reducing extreme poverty, fighting hunger and safeguarding natural resources.”

The UN expands on the message shared by FOA on International Tea Day as a day to “promote and foster collective actions to implement activities in favour of the sustainable production and consumption of tea and raise awareness of its importance in fighting hunger and poverty.”

As a tea producer, BOH supports the efforts by the UN and FOA and we hope that the message of International Tea Day will continue to spread and garner greater recognition for the people who work tirelessly to give us that perfect cup of tea.

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