The Different Types of Tea

Teas come from the plant Camellia Sinensis and it can be processed into one of the 3 types of tea: black tea, green tea and oolong tea.

Gunung Chantik Garden Tea
Black Tea

Black Tea is a favourite in both western and eastern cultures. When tea is completely oxidized, it will become black tea. After the leaves are harvested, it is left to wither before being cut or rolled. Cutting and rolling releases enzymes withing the tea leaf and exposes it to oxidation. Black tea is robust and full-bodied; perfect to be taken with milk. Black tea is also referred to as Ceylon or English Tea. BOH is best known for producing black tea in Malaysia since we were first established in 1929. Among our most loved black teas include BOH Cameronian Gold Blend, our Garden Tea range, and of course, our BOH Cameron Highlands Tea Leaves.

Green Tea Sencha
Green Tea

Green Tea is unfermented. It is withered, then steamed and dried in the final stages. Skipping the fermentation process allows the tea to retain its distinctive green tea hue with a lighter, more delicate flavour, with a slight tang. The most familiar form of green tea is from Japan, however we also have our own green tea from Cameron Highlands. BOH Pure Green Tea and Jasmine Green Tea are made using tea from our Cameron Highlands plantations, which give them a distinctive yet recognisable flavour.

Green Tea Sencha
Oolong Tea

Most Chinese teas are oolong teas. An oolong tea is semi-fermented where the fermentation is not as complete as in black tea but much greater than green tea. After the semi-fermentation of the tea leaves have been achieved, it is then rolled lightly until it turns red. Due to its red hue when brewed, oolong tea can also be referred to as red tea. Oolong is best enjoyed without milk or sugar.

Other types of teas

White tea, herbal tea and instant tea are other popular variants amongst a plethora of others. White teas are produced from only the tips (also known as tea buds) of the tea plant. Herbal teas often aren’t “teas” at all. Most don’t contain camellia sinensis, and are processed plant material such as camomile flowers or peppermint leaves. Instant tea is granulated tea that mixes with either hot or cold water.

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