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Pyramid Teabag Gift Set Palas Supreme + Gentle Ginger

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30 Pyramid Teabags


Heart & body warming

Heart & Body warming BOH Pyramid Teabag Gift Set

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This set of Heart & Body warming BOH Pyramid Teabag ideal gift for any occasion. BOH Palas Supreme is a single origin tea finely cultivated on the cool tropical slopes of Sungei Palas, Cameron Highlands with its pure and delicate fragrance is awesome and upbeat. The minty lemon fragrance of Gentle Ginger blend embracing you in its warm afterglow.

The BOH Garden Teas and Herb & Fruit Spa Infusions are presented in environmentally friendly Pyramid Bags, which offer excellent permeability for a better infusion, giving you a fuller, more satisfying brew. The see-through woven mesh filter is derived from cornstarch and can be biodegraded completely when disposed in soil. Enjoy a fuller infusion and a more enhanced drinking experience with Pyramid Bags from BOH.

Always infuse with freshly boiled water and brew at least 5 minutes to enjoy the best and safest product.

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