BOH Holiday Collection

This Holiday Season, treat yourself and loved ones to the Gift of Tea! With our wide selection that caters to all manner of individual preferences, tea is definitely the perfect gift for anyone and any occasion. Choose from a specific type of tea or to add to the surprise, why not offer a gift pack which your loved ones can indulge in.

BOH Signature Teas Gift Set

Treat someone special in your life with an assortment of all-time favourite signature blends known for exceptional quality and distinctive character. This special gift set contains sachets of fine black BOH Cameronian Gold Blend, delicate Sencha Green Tea as well as the exotic Seri Songket flavoured tea of Lemon with Mandarin, Lychee with Rose, Earl Grey and Tangerine and Lime with Ginger.

The one and only BOH Cameronian Gold Blend

You will never go wrong with this masterpiece from the Cameron Highlands. Distinguished for its rich and golden colour, exceptionally smooth flavour and evocative aroma, the BOH Cameronian Gold Blend is the quintessential fine black tea. Made from the tender shoots of the Manipuri and Rajghur jats, two top quality varieties of tea plants originally from Assam, BOH Cameronian Gold Blend is delight to savour with family and friends during the holiday season, or in fact, any occasion.

A connoisseur’s indulgence, the Palas Afternoon Garden Tea

As finely cultivated as the best wines, BOH’s Garden Teas, each pure and unblended from a single BOH tea garden, are a true connoisseur’s indulgence. The Palas Afternoon Tea delivers a soothing and calming sensation with every cup as its light aroma and delicate flavour treats your palate to the enchanting taste of a single origin tea.

Fruity and Awakening Hibiscus Zest

A cup of BOH’s Hibiscus Zest feels like a sprinkle of stardust that bring out the holiday spirit within us! This zesty brew with its mix of natural hibiscus, orange peel, blackberry and peppermint is a smooth, comforting and uplifting drink that will tickle your taste buds.

Timeless Earl Grey

As the name implies, Earl Grey is a timeless flavour that is perfect for the holiday season. The aromatic and citrus flavours that cultivates when fine black tea is paired with bergamot is one that has stood the test of time as this classic tea is refreshing to the palate and soothing to your other senses.

Exotic Lychee with Rose

The enchanting combination of lychee and rose creates a symphony of notes and stirring rhythms that feels like you are having Christmas in your mouth. Part of the exotic Seri Songket teas, Lychee with Rose exudes a glorious scent that will excite and delight as you enjoy it black, hot or chilled.

The Whimsical Infusion, Strawberry Raspberry

The fragrance of strawberries and raspberries will enliven any room during the holidays. BOH Strawberry Raspberry is a beverage that is both sparkling and sweet, delightful with every sip. A perfect drink to kickstart a conversation between friends and family, this cheery brew will the holiday spirit in anyone enjoying this delightful tea.

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