Celebrating the Holidays In 2020

COVID-19 has completely changed how we interact with people and go about our daily lives. December, a month where everyone is busy planning for Christmas and shopping for the start of the year has been completely upended.

However, 2020 has taught us how to adapt to new surroundings, embrace technology and accept new norms. Your year-end holidays can still be fun and memorable with a bit of innovation.

01 Family Gathering Over Zoom/Google Meet

Set up a Zoom Call/ Google Meet with the people you always spend Christmas and New Year’s with. Most online video chat services can easily accommodate up to 100 people and can take place anywhere with an internet connection. Get everyone to join in and spend some quality time catching up with your loved ones. You might have to teach your grandparents some basic steps but it will be worth the effort to see their joyful smiles once they log in. This might turn out to be a special memory for everyone!

02 Shop Online For Gifts

Most of us are now accustomed with your favourite shopping app and with Christmas and New Year’s coming up, expect come great holiday deals . Its customary to have gift giving sessions for Christmas and you can still do this just that it might not be face-to face. Pick out a gift for your loved ones and send it to them in time for Christmas, be sure to this in advance so that it will arrive on time. Tea can also be an excellent gift so why not check out BOH’s Christmas Collection? The gift of tea is perfect for the holidays!

03 Get your Groceries Online and put your months of cooking practice to work

The lockdowns throughout 2020 have brought out the chef in all of us. Why not put those new skills into making a small feast for those at home. You can then show off your culinary skills with the family during your Zoom Call/Google Meet and share recipes with one another. Get your groceries online and delivered to your doorstep a few days before and run through your recipe before you start preparing. Bon Appetit.

These are just some ideas you can ponder how best to celebrate the holidays. If we are lucky enough to go out and meet with family and friends, remember to be extra careful. Always wear a mask, don’t stay in big groups, practice social distancing and wash your hands frequently.

Happy Holidays from BOH!

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