Celebrating Malaysia’s 66th Merdeka with Ummph of Teh Tarik!

Malaysia is a mixing pot of diverse cultures, beliefs, and social practices. In our 65-year history, Malaysia has quite successfully blended these elements and built a multicultural society which shares and respects each other’s traditions. The journey has had its fair share of challenges, but overall, we are a united nation with our own identity.

During this integration, one joyous element that all of us can appreciate is the wonderous food and drinks that all of us can experience. And among multitude of different delicacies and refreshments to choose from, the Teh Tarik is universally accepted as our national drink!

Teh Tarik (Pulled Tea) was first brought to Malaysia (then Malaya) sometime after World War II and its origins can be traced back to Indian merchants selling this beverage in rubber plantations. Its frothy texture, aromatic scent and affordable price made it accessible to plantation workers and it slowly grew a following, being enjoyed among Malaysians, not just Indians.

The Teh Tarik’s humble beginning and with its accessible nature make it one of the most ordered drinks is stalls and often the drink of choice when you are meeting up with friends at the mamak shop. Teh Tarik being enjoyed by different cultures allowed it to transcend the ethnic boundaries and become our a unifying symbol for the nation.

So, this Merdeka, raise a glass filled with Teh Tarik to celebrate our nation’s unity and 65 year anniversary as an independent, multicultural nation. Selamat Hari Merdeka – a day to rejoice in the harmony that thrives within our diverse society.

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