Garden Tea Selection, A Connoisseur’s Indulgence, Reimagined

As finely cultivated as the best wines, the Garden Tea selection are single origin teas, each pure and unblended from a single BOH Tea Garden.

Produced with mainly young tea shoots and specially harvested at intervals where young tea leaves are in flush, the Garden Tea selection will indulge the palate of tea connoisseurs.

The latest iteration of the Garden Teas continue the prominent flora and fauna theme inspired by the wildlife of Cameron Highlands and Malaysia, with a more personalised touch. Each opulent cylindrical canister has its own design inspiration to better accentuate the fine differences between each Garden Tea.

Each leaf is meticulously picked, dried, rolled and matured by our expert tea makers before being sealed in 15 pyramid tea bag sachets, preserving its freshness and cleanliness. Pyramid tea bags use biodegradable filter paper derived from corn starch, which is environmentally friendly.

The Garden Tea selections are also popular gifts bought by visitors from Cameron Highlands as their beautiful canisters represent the best from this scenic mountain range.   

BOH Palas Supreme 15’s

Like the butterfly which brings a radiant beauty with its delicate wings, the Palas Supreme is best recognised by its pure and delicate fragrance. Cultivated on the cool slopes of the Sungei Palas Tea Garden, the Palas Supreme is a flowery Pekoe of Ceylon and Assam varieties that impart a delicate aroma and amber liquor.

Character: Bright liquor, delicate aroma, mild, touch of dry fruit notes, pleasant and subtle aftertaste.

BOH Palas Afternoon Tea 15’s

The Palas Afternoon Tea is a soothing and calming brew much like the vast species of orchids which populate the scenery of Cameron Highlands. With a calming aroma, this leaf and Orange Pekoe ‘A’ afternoon tea is carefully chosen and picked from select tea fields to ensure its consistent character.

Character: Mellow and calming with flowery notes. Mild with some body and exhilarating aftertaste.

Gunung Chantik 15’s

Made using only the tender young buds from BOH’s highest garden peak, this Broken Orange Pekeo Fannings tea is carefully picked to ensure the finest leaves are selected for its distinct and intense flavour. Its canister design is inspired by the varies species of birds which call one of the highest points in Malaysia their home.

Character: Slightly astringent with good briskness. Distinct and intense flavour with a lingering aftertaste.

Bukit Cheeding No.53 15’s

Inspired by the plant life found across Malaysia, this Garden Tea is a full-flavoured Broken Orange Pekoe breakfast tea. Its robust flavours and enduring taste make it a unique tea amongst the Garden Tea selection as its tea comes from our lowland tea garden. Its strong tea characteristics also make this tea perfect to be taken with milk.

Character: Robust and enduring aftertaste unique to lowland tea gardens.

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