Teas to Serve this Lunar New Year

Everyone is excited for Chinese New Year, after 2 years of subdued celebrations, the mood this year is full of cheer and eagerness for the Year of the Tiger. For those looking to invite friends and family over for the holidays (please remember to adhere to safe social distancing norms), here are some teas you can serve throughout the day.

Morning Pick Me Up
Teh Tarik Kurang Manis Oats / English Breakfast

Oats for breakfast is quite common but what about Teh Tarik Kurang Manis with Oats? This lends a creamy and delicious milk tea taste with a hearty cup of oats, perfect to kick start the day. If you prefer a stronger tea, the English Breakfast tea is the tea for you. A classic full-bodied black tea which goes excellently with milk, its strong black tea taste will give you that pick-me-up to get your morning going.

Teh Tarik Kurang Manis Oats

RM 14.95

English Breakfast Teabag

RM 12.20 9.40

Seri Songket Mango

For those who need to keep their energy levels at their peak for the day’s chores, you cannot go wrong with Seri Songket Mango.  Its distinctively sweet-sharp accents of ripe mangoes make it lively and fruity drink to give you that burst of energy.

Seri Songket Mango

RM 9.90

Ice Tea Peach / Peppermint

Its always good to have drink options over lunch. For non-tea drinkers, the peppermint is your perfect companion. Known to help with digestion, peppermint tea is an alternative for non-tea drinkers to quench their thirst, as it is actually made from peppermint leaves instead of regular tea leaves. Its welcoming and refreshing sensation can lift the spirits.  For a touch of zest, BOH Ice Tea Peach can be paired with any afternoon meal. Its natural peach extract gives a refreshing sweetness and is perfect for children and those with a sweet tooth.

Ice Tea Peach

RM 11.90


RM 12.20

Evening Tea
BOH Garden Tea Palas Supreme / Green Tea Latte

For a quaint evening, having a plain black tea and a milk variant will suit most needs. The Palas Supreme is a single origin black tea with a delicate aroma and amber liquor. Its freshness is perfect for evening tea and pairs well with pastries. A fun opposite of the Palas Supreme would be the Green Tea Latte. This instant milk tea can be enjoyed both hot or cold and has a taste of authentic Japanese Matcha in each cup. Its rich flavour and creamy texture hits just the right spot for an evening tea.

Palas Supreme

RM 30.00 24.00

BOH Green Tea Latte

RM 14.95

BOH Cameronian Gold Blend / Pure Green Tea

Dinner is often the heaviest meal during gatherings around Chinese New Year. With the variety of delicacies spread across the table, having a complementing tea completes the meal. The BOH Cameronian Gold Blend’s evocative aroma and rich flavour pairs well with savoury dishes. Alternatively, the BOH Pure Green Tea with its subtle and authentic green tea taste can be taken with more flavourful dishes as its light and refreshing brew is not overpowering.

BOH Cameronian Gold Blend

RM 13.40 12.06

Pure Green Teabag 50s

RM 9.90

Happy Chinese New Year from BOH.


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