What to Look Forward to in 2022

With most of us being cooped up at home for nearly 2 years, 2022 has many people excited.

Here are some of the activities everyone is looking forward to do in 2022.

1. Travelling and ‘Balik Kampung’

Travelling is back! Either domestic or international travel, we all miss adventuring to a new city or just going back to a familiar place we love. Destinations like Cameron Highlands hold a special place for many people and we cannot wait to enjoy the cool breeze while sipping on a cup of tea in the BOH Sungei Palas Tea Centre.

We can also finally go back to our hometowns to see our relatives. Malaysians love to balik kampung to see our parents and grandparents during the holidays and special occasions.

2. Outdoor Sports

Many took to exercising at home to keep up their fitness during the lockdown, but we had to give up on outdoor sporting activities. We could only watch football, basketball or any of our preferred sports through the tele, but nothing beats joining in and actually playing the sport we love. I cannot wait to kick a football again!

3. Going out to Eat

The cooking skills we developed after the countless meals we had to prepare for the family or for ourselves has made many of us proud home chefs. But we also miss being treated to a nice meal for a special occasion in a café or restaurant. Having the chance to dine out once in a while is something we can look forward soon.

4. Returning to the Cinemas

Even though streaming services have become the norm, nothing beats going to the cinemas to catch the latest movies. Going to the cinemas used to be a family or social event and so many of us are looking forward to watching movies on the big screen again.

5. Just enjoying the Outside

After months of staying indoors, having the freedom to go out and take in the outdoors feels like a blessing. We took for granted the simple things which were taken from us during the pandemic so being able to just leave home feels refreshing. However, COVID-19 is still a serious treat so regardless whatever you are doing, always remember when you are outside to wear a mask, mind your distance and take care of your hygiene.

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