Mooncake Festival x BOH Tea

Lotus Seed Mooncake paired with Camomile Tea

Lotus seed mooncakes are one of the most sought-after mooncakes as it is a seasonal flavour during the mid-autumn festival. Its deliciously rich and sweet but it can be overwhelming. Pairing this with a delicate Camomile blend which diffuses soft and warm floral notes will balance out the richness of the lotus seed and make your next bite just as memorable as the first.   

Snow Skin Mooncake paired with Jasmine Green Tea

Unlike traditional baked mooncakes, snow skin mooncakes are not baked at all. Originally from Hong Kong, snow skin mooncakes are made with two types of flour that give it a gooey and chewy texture, plus they come in unconventional flavours that people just adore! As popular flavours include chocolate, strawberry and fruits, a floral tea like Jasmine Green Tea goes well to control the many flavours dancing on your palate. The subtle scent of Jasmine and briskness of the light green tea cleanses the tongue without diluting any of the mooncake’s flavours.

Durian Mooncake paired with BOH Pure Green Tea

The king of all fruits, packed inside a mooncake. A flavour that continues to gain new fans, especially among Malaysians, durian mooncakes with its creamy filling and bittersweet flavour is a variant you will grow to love the more you indulge. To cut through the richness, a cup of BOH Pure Green Tea should be the perfect partner. Green tea has a mild astringency that resets the tongue after experiencing the richness of durian. Additionally, green tea is naturally high in anti-oxidants which make it a healthy beverage to pair with any calorie dense bites.  

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