World Mental Health Day

Having a positive demeanour does more than just make you look happy; it makes you feel happy and that does a lot of good for your mental health and well-being. Here are some ways that will help you improve your mental well-being as advised by the United Kingdom National Health Service.

1. Connect with People

A reliance of social media as the main medium to connect with people is detrimental to not only social skills but your overall health. Try to take time each day to talk to family members or meet up with friends you have not seen in a while. Having good relationships with people provides a sense of belonging and gives us the opportunity to share stories and support one another.

2. Be Physically Active

Being physically active is good for both your physical and mental health. Setting objectives and goals to achieve gives you a challenge and sense of purpose. The changes you see and feel as you hit those goals can help raise your self esteem and improve your overall mood about life and yourself. You can start off with something simple like walks in the park, swimming or cycling and gradually up the challenge like taking part in marathons. These baby steps are just the starting point to a fantastic journey.

3. Picking Up A New Skill

Learning a new skill has shown to have a positive effect on a person’s mental health. Gradually learning something new and improving as you go along feels rewarding and can help boost your self-confidence. This skill can be a new hobby you always thought of trying, or taking up a new task at work you have never attempted before. What is important is that you find it fun and rewarding.

4. Giving

Giving your time, effort or simple acts of kindness is good for the receiving party and yourself. It does not have to be monetary. It can be volunteering in your community, spending time with someone, or just simply saying thank you. These can help create a positive feeling and form bonds with other people. The act of giving is its own reward.

5. Practicing Mindfulness

Sometimes we are so absorbed in our work that we do not pay attention to what is happening in the present. Being mindful of our own existence, our thoughts, feelings, and the world around us can be good for our mental health. Having a cup of tea and taking stock of what we have achieved in our lives can lead to positive change and how we approach life. So, try to be more mindful and appreciate the time you have in the present.

If you would like to find out more about Mental Health, you can read the full article by the NHS in the link below. Remember to always keep both your physical and mental in check and lend a hand to others who could use the help. BOH wishes you well on World Mental Health Day.

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