Driving Sustainability with Solar Energy

Over the past decade, BOH has set objectives as part of our sustainability journey.

Among the notable shifts the company has done recently include changing most of our packaging (sachets, pouches, boxes) to easily recyclable materials.

The latest milestone we have just reached was shifting our focus to solar energy. BOH partnered with leading solar solutionist, Plus Xnergy to install nearly RM2million worth of solar panels in our packaging factory in Bukit Cheeding, Selangor. The new solar panels had an almost immediate effect as our factory in Banting saw a 33% reduction in electricity usage without compromising the quality of our products.

The solar panel installation in our packaging factory in Bukit Cheeding marked the completion of Phase 1 and Phase 2 is currently underway which consists of outfitting our tea factory in Cameron Highlands with similar solar solutions.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Jason Foo shared “Only with the right environment can we produce the perfect brew, which is why sustainability is a crucial part of BOH Tea’s business with a focus on being compliant to environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices.”

He continued “We chose Plus Xnergy as they have the right experience and technical expertise in our journey to become a sustainable tea grower and tea producer in the near future. Investing into renewable energy is a natural next step for us, given our commitment to proactively leave a positive impact to the environment.

“We are extremely pleased with immediate 33% electricity savings for our packing factory in Bukit Cheeding. Once all the installations are completed, this will translate to total savings equivalent to 500,000 trees planted and 11,000 tons in carbon emissions avoidance over the span of 25 years,” he concluded.

BOH is looking forward to updating our followers once the 2nd phase is completed and we hope we can further reduce our electricity usage and lower carbon emissions as we continue our sustainability journey.

¹ Total savings equivalent to 500,000 trees planted and 11,000 in carbon emissions avoidance in a span of 25 years

² https://www.seda.gov.my/statistics-monitoring/co2-avoidance/

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