World Environment Day

Nobel prize-winning author Ernest Hemingway once said “The world is a fine place and worth fighting for and I hate very much to leave it”. Simple in its delivery but powerful in its meaning; the earth we live in needs our protection. 5th June 2021 will be World Environment Day. It is a day of environmental awareness and this year’s theme is focused on environmental restoration. As citizens of the world, we to can do our part to help restore the environment. These steps might look small individually, but if millions or even billion of us work together, it is an achievable goal. Some steps we can take are:

1. Aim for Reusing Instead of Disposing
  • Many items we have at home can actually be reused. Swap out plastic bags for reusable bags; plastic bottles are a good alternative for plant pots at home; glass jars, containers or cans can be used for storing small items; used teabags can be turned into fertiliser; the list is endless! If you put a bit of effort and creativity into it, you will find most things in your home can be reused.
2. Give Recycling a Chance
  • Most of us know about recycling, the benefits of it, and how to go about it, but do we actually do it? Many companies nowadays are using recyclable materials that make it even easier for us to recycle. BOH for example, are using recyclable sachets and boxes for our fast-moving products which lowers plastic wastage and helps the environment. BOH is also looking to further drive our sustainability initiative by using biodegradable tea bags and pot bags. As responsible citizens, we need to put in the effort to recycle as it makes a big difference if we do it consistently.
3. Save Water and Electricity

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